Supporting the Docs

Want to help support the docs? Well there's some ways you can help!

Contributing via Issues

Contributing via Issues is pretty simple but there are some rules:

  • Reserve the issues tab exclusively for documentation-related matters; refrain from discussing personal support issues or OS installation problems there.
  • When reporting a typo or suggesting better clarification, please specify the page where the issue is found. It would be helpful to avoid searching extensively for these problems.

Contributing via PRs

Some guidelines when contributing via PRs:

  • Use your brain (please).
  • Proofread your submissions.
  • Pull Requests may be rejected if they do not align with the docs's content or if they contain inaccurate information. Generally, we will provide reasons for rejection or request revisions.
    • Additionally, it would be appreciated if you can provide sources for significant commits. This helps us verify the validity of the information you provide.
  • Ensure that the pages adhere to the markdown style used in the docs.

How to Contribute

The best way to test your commits and ensure proper formatting is by forking the repository, making and testing changes locally, then contributing with a pull request.

Simple step-by-step guide


Vuepress will automatically regenerate pages when you make changes.


Some tools that make contributing a bit easier:

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