Notes for non-standard Linux distributions


Advanced users only!
This page is not meant for troubleshooting


We will not help you if you get stuck while using an unsupported distribution!

This page contains informations useful to get non-standard or niche Distros to work.


alsa-ucm2 for Chromebooks

You need custon alsa-ucm2 configs that arent available upstream

You can get them hereopen in new window

If your distro isnt FHS-compliant, you can specify the ucm location via an enviromental variable

export ALSA_CONFIG_UCM2 = "/share/alsa/ucm2";

Audio setup modprobes

You can find the right modprobe configs by browsing the audio scriptopen in new window

Keyboard mapping

libinput configuration

Put this in /etc/libinput/local-overrides.quirks: (Sourceopen in new window)

[keyd virtual keyboard]
MatchName=keyd virtual keyboard

keyd keymap

Install keyd (Github)open in new window

A configuration file can be accuired with cros-keyboard-mapopen in new window. Some special cases have configs in the configs folder. For all other devices use

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