Using Ectool

ectool is a utility that is used to interface with the ChromeOS Embedded Controller. It is used to communicate with the embedded controller from userspace and vice versa.

Installing Ectool

If you use Fedora or Ultramarine Linux, you can install the chromium-ectool package from the Terra repositoryopen in new window. Otherwise, you can download ectool for Linux from hereopen in new window. For Windows users, ectool is installed when you install CoolStar's Chrome EC driver and is located in C:\Program Files\crosec\ectool.exe.



Run ectool help for a full list of commands.

Some common uses of ectool include:

  • Accessing the EC console: ectool console
  • Controlling the fan with ectool fanduty <percent>
  • Set the keyboard backlight in devices that have it: ectool pwmsetkblight <percent>
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