macOS Firmware

It is recommended to flash coreboot with the Intel Management Engine interface enabled to prevent bugs after waking from sleep.
Without the ME interface enabled, the following bugs can occur after waking from sleep:

  • Blank Electron / Chromium apps
  • Buggy video playback in web browsers like Firefox or Safari
  • Display/Wallpaper settings in SysPref/SysSettings
  • Logging out freezes your system

Custom Firmware


Prebuilts can be found at ethanthesleepy.oneopen in new window

Building Manually

  1. Follow the steps here to download the toolchain and build the firmware

    • Continue these steps once <boardname> has been ran
  2. Run make menuconfig. You will be greeted by a menu which looks like the following:


  3. Select Chipset

  4. Select Disable HECI1 at the end of boot then press N to disable. The asterik should be gone:


  5. Use the right arrow keys to select Save at the bottom, then press Ok

  6. Use the right/left arrow keys to select Exit until back at the prompt.

  7. Run make -j$(nproc) to build the firmware.

  8. The output will be found at ./build/coreboot.rom

Flashing Firmware

Follow the steps on this page to flash the new firmware.

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