Known Issues



You should avoid buying any devices in this list.

  • Samsung Chromebook 3 (CELES): Numerous hardware bugs that make it difficult to use.
  • Samsung Galaxy Chromebook (KOHAKU): Badly designed hardware, deteriorating trackpad grounding, possibly faulty backlight circuit.
  • Samsung Chromebox Series 3 (STUMPY): DisplayPort output is non-functional under Windows, and VGA output through the DVI port is non-functional.


  • All ARM Chromebooks: No support, though development is slowly starting.
  • GeminiLake: Legacy boot mode/alternative firmware menu works but does not show payload list
  • AMD Stoneyridge: Some Stoney Ridge devices may not currently have functional Legacy Boot Mode due to bugs in Google's firmware.
  • AMD Cezanne: legacy boot mode/alternative firmware menu works, edk2 boots, but screen backlight is off. Will be fixed in next Google fw update (fingers crossed).


For issues relating to OS support, see this page.

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