Manually Flashing ROMs


Flashing your own firmware has the potential to brick your device. Do not do this unless you are sure you know what you're doing/have a way to recover from a bad flash. Some level of knowledge with using the Linux command line is required.

  1. Have your firmware rom. We will assume you already have the file you want to flash for this guide.
  2. Download flashrom, then give it execute permission.
    • cd; curl -LO; chmod +x flashrom-libpci38
  3. Flash your custom ROM
    • Backup your current rom, just in case things go wrong: ./flashrom-libpci38 -p internal -r current.rom
    • Note: Intel Chromebooks should be flashed with --ifd -i bios ex: sudo ./flashrom -p internal --ifd -i bios -w coreboot.rom
    • Flash your custom firmware: sudo ./flashrom-libpci38 -p internal -w firmware.rom
  4. Reboot
    • Assuming it said success on all checks, reboot.


Do not reboot if any of the checks failed.

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