Flashing Stock Firmware


If your device has hit AUE (Auto Update Expiration), you will not be able to revert to chromeOS.

  1. If you already have Linux installed, move on to step 5. Otherwise, make a bootable Linux live USB.

  2. Connect to WiFi.

  3. Open a terminal, then update and install curl.

    • Use the distro's package manager to install it.
  4. Obtain your ROM backup.

  5. Run MrChromebox's firmware utility scriptopen in new window.

    • In case you forgot, type cd; curl -LO mrchromebox.tech/firmware-util.sh && sudo bash firmware-util.sh and press Enter.
  6. Choose option 2: Restore Stock ChromeOS Firmware.


If, for whatever reason, lost your stock firmware backup, Use an additional drive to flash a recovery image.

  1. Follow on-screen instructions
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