Flashing Custom Firmware


You are about to make unofficial changes to your device! This will likely void any warranty. We provide zero warranty if you encounter bugs, brick your device, lose your job because the alarm clock didn't go off, or if a thermonuclear war starts. You are doing all changes at your own risk!


Do not continue if your device is currently owned or enrolled by a organization, such as a school or employer. Unless you were given permission by your organization, it is a crime.


  • Know your hardware
    • Your CPU model and generation
    • Your storage devices (HDD/SSD, eMMC, NVMe, etc.)
    • Your boardname
      • For example, the boardname for Asus Chromebook C302CA is Cave
    • If you don't know where to find this info, take a look at the System Info Page.
  • A basic knowledge of command lines and how to use a terminal/command prompt.
    • We cannot help you if you do not know how to go to a directory or delete a file from a terminal.
  • A minimum of an 8GB USB drive or SD Card for creating a bootable OS installer.
  • A second device is recommended, and required in some cases.


Only x86_64 devices are currently supported.


If you only have one device, please be sure to setup a usb with your OS to install before flashing.

Asking for help properly

If you are facing a issue, please read the FAQ first.


When asking for help, ask in English. We can't help you if we don't understand the question. Using a translator is fine.

Do not use manufacturer's model name or serial number when asking for help (i.e: HP Chromebook 14a), it doesn't help with identifying the machine. Provide the boardname, otherwise your support request will be ignored.

If you don't know where to find your boardname, take a look here.

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