Making a Recovery USB


Making a Recovery USB will wipe all data on said drive. Back up anything if you need to.

For you to reinstall chromeOS, you will need to make a Recovery USB. There are two methods depending on the Operating System Installed.

Chromebook Recovery Utility (Windows/ChromeOS/MacOS)

  1. Download the Chromebook Recovery Utilityopen in new window from the Chrome Web Store.

  2. Launch the app, then follow on-screen instructions. If you are unable to find your device, you can select the "Select a model from a list" option.

  3. Select the USB drive you want to use.

  4. Wait for it to complete.

Manually Flash Recovery Image (Windows/ChromeOS/MacOS/Linux)

  1. Go to cros.techopen in new window and find your device.

  2. Select on "Recovery Images" and select the latest one.

  3. Extract the file.


  1. You can either:


  1. Use the Chromebook Recovery Utilityopen in new window but open settings (gear icon) and select "Use local image".


  1. Make sure that your USB drive is unmounted (not unplugged).

  2. Open a terminal and run lsblk.

  3. Find your USB drive. USB drives usually appear as sdXX, while SD Cards usually appear as mmcblkX.

    • If your using a SD card adapter, It might appear as sdXX instead.
  4. Run sudo dd if=PLACEHOLDER of=/dev/PLACEHOLDER bs=4M status=progress but replace the placeholders with the path to the recovery image and USB drive respectivly.

  5. Wait for it to complete, after that unplug the USB drive.

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