Enabling Developer Mode

Enabling developer modeopen in new window is the first step to running an alternate OS on your chromebook!


Doing this will wipe all user data! Make backups if needed before proceeding.


The battery must be plugged in while enabling developer mode.

Developer Mode is an alternate mode that all chromeOS devices have that opens up the ability to make unverified changes to the operating system and hardware.

  1. Enter recovery mode.


  1. Press CTRL + D at the same time. This should bring up a warning asking for confirmation for either "Turn OS Verification OFF" or "Enable Developer Mode".

  2. Press Enter. The system should reboot and bring you to the "You are in Developer Mode" or "OS Verification is OFF" screen.

  3. Press CTRL + D to boot from internal disk.

  4. Setup the system like normal, but do not enable debugging features.


  1. Press Volume Up + Volume Down to bring up the menu selection screen.

  2. Use the Volume Up and Volume Down to navigate to "Confirm Enabling Developer Mode", then press Power to select it. The system should reboot and bring you to the OS Verification is OFF" screen.

  3. Select "Developer Options", then select "Boot from Internal Disk".

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