Finding System Info


Some of the following commands require Developer mode.

System Architecture

Your system architecture is very important as it determines if your device has any support at all. ARM devices are not currently supported by the project, but support for them in the future is planned.

How to find your architecture

  1. Open a crosh terminal by pressing Control + Alt + T
  2. Type uname -m and press enter

You should now see one of three possible outputs:

  1. x86_64
  2. aarch64
  3. armv7l

If you see x86_64, your device is very likely to be supported, you will need to find your board name next to see if your device is supported. If you see armv7l, aarch64 or anything with arm, you have an ARM device which isn't currently supported.

Board Name

The board name is the special name for your device which determines if it is supported by the custom firmware.

How to find your board name

Developer Mode

  1. Open VT-2 (ctrl + alt + f2 (right arrow)).
  2. Login as chronos.
  3. Type sudo crossystem hwid and press enter.

Recovery Mode

  1. Enter Recovery Mode.
  2. Find the "Model" line.

You should now see your board name and some extra characters. Example: SNAPPY E25-A7C-J2L-I74-A47 In this example, SNAPPY is the board name and you can ignore the extra characters.

CPU Model and generation

The CPU model and generation is used to determine OS support and any extra steps you have to take after installing the OS.

How to find your CPU model

  1. Open a crosh terminal by pressing Control + Alt + T
  2. Type shell and press enter
  3. Type cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name" and press enter

You should now see your CPU model repeated a few times, we only have to look at the first line. Example output: model name : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N3350 @ 1.10GHz

How to find your CPU generation

  1. Find your board name using the steps above (ex: SNAPPY).
  2. Go to the Supported Devices Page.
  3. The Supported Devices Page has sections for each generation that has a list of boards for that specific generation. Use Ctrl + F to locate your board and find which generation it's listed under.
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